Help Kickstart this Great Game

by sabre

Help Kickstart this Great Game

Check out the Kickstarter for Labyrinth by our friends at Free Range Games. We love this game!

For the past few years, En Masse Entertainment has quietly supported a number of games on kickstarter. We don’t do this because we’re interested in publishing them. We do it because we love great games.

This past month, we’ve been watching the progress of the Labyrinth Kickstarter. This cool game combines a CCG with an RPG where players both play and create content. Sam Kim, our VP of game production says, “It’s like Card Hunter and Clash of Clans had a graphically cooler-looking baby.”

There are only a few days left on the Labyrinth Kickstarter, and it still needs some help. Check it out.

As an added bonus, anyone who pledges using the links in this news post and then enters the code EN MASSE on the survey at the end of the Kickstarter will get five bonus packs regardless of their pledge tier.