TERA: Rising Offers New Content—For Free!

by webteam

TERA: Rising Free

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Starting in February, you’ll be able to play TERA for free—no subscription required. The TERA: Rising update adds a new dungeon, new PvP battleground, and more new content, while eliminating the subscription fee so everyone can take part in TERA’s award-winning true action combat.

Unlike other games that restrict or deny parts of the game to free users, TERA: Rising offers every epic dungeon, every pulse-pounding BAM fight, and every well-earned level to every user. No content requires payment; play as much as you like!

For those who want to customize their characters and stand apart from the crowd, the En Masse store will offer an even wider array of costume and customization choices. And for TERA players who want all the extras, there’s elite status, a purchase that offers 30 days of extra dungeon rewards, 10 bonus daily quests, a daily delivery of items and boosts, an elite mount, in-game store discounts, reduced brokerage fees, and more.

If you’re a current or former TERA player, congratulations—you’re a founder! That means eight character slots, four bank tabs, a “Founder” title, the exclusive Terminus mount, and more. (New players have two character slots and can get more with elite status or as an individual purchase at the En Masse store.)

Whether you’re new, elite, or a founder, TERA: Rising offers new challenges. Test your skill against the Cyclops and other massive bosses in the Crucible of Flame, a dungeon that scores and judges you as you play. The better you perform, the greater your reward. And if PvP is more your style, the 3v3 battles in Champions’ Skyring will challenge your reflexes, your teamwork, and your tactics.

TERA: Rising offers new content, new customization options, and a new way to pay for only the extras you want. Come February, the only thing that isn’t rising is the price.

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