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Make Your Game—We’ll Do The Rest

At En Masse Entertainment, we know gamers because we are gamers. We understand what it takes to build loyal audiences—game after game, platform to platform, and especially east to west.

Partnering with En Masse as your publisher is a great way to take care of the multitude of details that gamers need and want, while letting you focus on the art and craft of making games. We provide a wide range of publishing services, including:

Audience Building

Marketing Support

With custom web sites, forums, and community events, our teams provide best-in-class service for your games.



We maintain physical and virtual servers, troubleshoot patches, and provide comprehensive performance monitoring and BI services.


Customer Relationships

Your players are our players, so we treat them the way you treat them: with a high level of respect and personalized support.

Data Analysis

Developer Relationships

We localize content, troubleshoot patches, and provide recommendations in all areas to craft your game into the perfect fit for a western audience.

With En Masse, you get a publisher that is nimble enough to change as the industry evolves. We successfully transitioned TERA from subscription to free-to-play without missing a beat.

Best of all, as gamers, we care as much about your game as you do. At En Masse our motto is Great Games, Great Service—Creating Long-Lasting Quality Relationships. You create the game, and we do the rest.

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