Using En Masse Games in Player-Created Content

What Is Player-Created Content?

Player-created content includes anything that our community members create based on or related to any En Masse games with a strong and healthy community as its goal. This includes fanart, fansites, fan videos, and livestreams, for example.

The General Idea

En Masse Entertainment wants to foster robust community activities and encourage our players’ efforts to use their creative talents for our games and their communities as long as any player-created content meets the following conditions:

Non-Commercial and Not-for-Profit Use

All player-created content must be available for free to the public. You may not charge any one-time or recurring fees, or require any action from others (such as giving their information or downloading anything that is not the content itself). Advertisements or other revenues that do not prevent the public from accessing the player-created content such as YouTube and TwitchTV are permissible. However, the spirit of non-commercial and not-for-profit use of En Masse Entertainment or any En Masse games must be observed, as determined by En Masse Entertainment.

Proper Display of Copyrighted/Trademarked Logos and Other Appropriate Information

All player-created content must acknowledge and display the appropriate copyright and trademarks. Using other intellectual properties without the proper license or permission is not acceptable.

For sponsors, the text “Sponsored by” must be clearly displayed for a reasonable duration, to avoid confusion.

Appropriate Use of En Masse Games and/or En Masse Entertainment Product and Brand

All player-created content must not contain (or link to) other sources and/or advertisements containing any hacks, exploits, gold farming, illegal activities, content that would conflict with the ESRB ratings of our games, or any other inappropriate content, as determined by En Masse Entertainment.


En Masse Entertainment does not endorse or give license to any player-created content. En Masse Entertainment may highlight, feature, modify, or use any or all parts of the player-created content without the creator’s consent in any way, for any purposes we see fit.

En Masse Entertainment also reserves the right to monitor and revoke any and all use of En Masse Entertainment’s intellectual property at any time and for any or no reason, at its sole discretion.

By making player-created content based on or inspired by any of our games, you agree to that game’s EULA, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy by En Masse Entertainment, and the conditions listed above. Furthermore, you agree to indemnify En Masse Entertainment from any legal claims or fees that arise in relation to your player-created content. For any player-created content inquiries not covered by above, please contact