Golden Gift Boxes are Back!

Golden Gift Boxes are Back!

As the holidays draw closer, we’ve brought back Golden Gift Boxes to the En Masse store! From today until January 2 the En Masse store will offer TERA and Closers Gift Boxes for you to gift to yourself or a friend and as always, the more boxes you gift the better your bonus rewards! Check out our overview of the sale below or jump straight to your favorite game and dig into the details!

En Masse Golden Gift Box Sale 

Sale Start: Thursday, December 18 at 10:00a.m. PST

Sale End: Thursday, January 2 at 11:59p.m. PST 

Sale Page: Visit the gifting center in the En Masse Store starting on December 18 at 10:00a.m. PST 

Sale Details: Each Golden Gift Box is bursting at the seams with TERA or Closers items including some ultra-rare rewards. Sending a box to yourself or a friend not only rewards the recipient with the randomized contents of the gift box but earns the sender scaling rewards based on the number of boxes sent during the event. For full details of box contents and sender rewards, hit up the detailed game specific links below. 

Detailed Closers Gift Box Information
Download Closers  

Detailed TERA Gift Box Information
Download TERA 

Sale Support: If you run into any issues during your holiday shopping at En Masse, hit up our support team at