Join Us as We Take a Look Back at En Masse’s Proudest Achievements for 2019

Join Us as We Take a Look Back at En Masse’s Proudest Achievements for 2019

As 2020 approaches, we spent some time looking back at some of En Masse Entertainment’s biggest events and accomplishments over the previous year.

interior 10th

The big news, of course, is that 2019 is En Masse’s 10-year anniversary! En Masse first came together in November 2009 to publish TERA in North America and has released 56 content updates since the 2012 launch.

TERA Highlight

interior popori

TERA’s June 2019 update introduced the wildly popular popori brawler on TERA for PC. Poporis now join humans and elins as one of the few races that gets to pummel their enemies with mighty powerfists. Over the course of the month-long leveling event, TERA players created and leveled up over 20,000 popori brawlers!

interior elingunner

Over on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One, the elin gunner premiered in April, giving players another option for creating arcannon-wielding characters. Within a week of their release, players had blasted off with almost 10,000 new elin gunners.

Closers Highlight

interior bai
interior seth

The biggest events in Closers’ year included the release of Bai in April, followed in September by the release of Seth. These two new playable characters added entirely new weapons, abilities, and strategies to the Wildhüters team. Between the two, players created over 9,500 new characters in the first 24 hours of their respective releases!

New Games in 2019

interior ststream

En Masse also helped launch a new game in July—Stranger Things 3: the Game—and hosted a viewing party in the office when the Netflix hit series’ third season released, as well as a Twitch stream in which we filled our studio with 80s-themed memorabilia donated by En Masse employees (along with suitably atmospheric holiday lights, blinking ominously away).

What Comes Next?

En Masse plans to finish off 2019 strong! With just a couple of weeks left, prepare for several promotions, updates, and new events, including:

  • Golden Gift Boxes from December 19 to January 2, available for both TERA and Closers players

  • TERA
    • The Wintera battleground (for both PC and Console)
    • False Santa event (for consoles)
    • Yule War event (for PC)
    • Santa’s Treasure Map event (for PC)
  • Closers
    • Divine Battle: Maids vs. Tutors
    • Beelzebub Prep Event
    • Good Fellas Playtime Event

Be sure to check the Closers patch notes for more details on these upcoming events!