Task Force Triaina Rebellion : Luna!

Task Force Triaina Rebellion : Luna!

New content update hits Monday, October 7 after maintenance.

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The next Closers content update goes live Monday, October 7 after maintenance (approximately 5:00 PM PDT). You can dig into full patch notes on our forums, but here are a few highlights.


  • Task Force Triaina Rebellion recruits Luna! That means she gets a new promotion tier, rank ID, costume, visual frame, and skills!
  • Divine Battles have a new theme and a new questline!
  • Dark Synchro Fibers are back! Seth can now use them to attempt Dark Command costume conversion!


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  • Added Task Force Triaina Rebellion: Luna Costume!
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  • Added Ground Division Costumes!
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  • Added Divine Battle Cosplay Pack Costumes for Seth!