This Week in TERA Console: October 7–13

This Week in TERA Console: October 7–13

Gourdo's Trick or Treat

A spooky new event is coming to Console! Look for more information about Gourdo's Trick or Treat, coming in October!

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Weekly Vanguard Bonus—Guild Quest Bonuses

Starting Tuesday, October 8 at 0700 UTC, and continuing until Tuesday, October 15 at 0700 UTC, every guild quest you complete rewards you with increased Guild Funds and Guild XP.

(Remember: Guild quests reset daily, at 0700 UTC.)

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Weekend Dungeon Highlight (Oct 11–14)

You’ll earn additional rewards for completing any of the following dungeons between Friday, October 11 at 0500 UTC and Monday, October 14 at 0500 UTC:

  • Harrowhold
  • Ruinous Manor (Hard)
  • RK-9 Kennel
  • Thaumetal Refinery
  • Kalivan's Challenge
  • Sabex Armory 
  • Ghillieglade
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Harvest Festival Hall

Available until Thursday, November 5, the Harvest Festival Hall event returns.

Look for the witch Serena at the Eldritch Academy (near Pora Elinu) to participate. Once you're inside, use the Halloween Cannons to repel waves of monsters intent on stealing every last bit of candy they can get their grubby paws on.

Serena rewards you with Halloween Candy for your efforts, and you can trade your Halloween Candy for mounts, pets, costumes, and more.

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Federation Gem Crates and Lustrous Federation Crates Ending

Pick up a Federation Gem Crate or Lustrous Federation Crate while you can. The Federation Gem Crate and Lustrous Federation Crate are only available until 1700 UTC on Tuesday, October 8!